Lab Meetings

Why Lab Meetings?

Lab meetings help lab members:

  • Understand how their projects fit into the bigger picture of things
  • Get to know one another
  • Get feedback/ideas from each other, not just Dr. Durrant


The lab-meeting schedule will change every semester to accommodate students’ class schedules. Check the lab calendar for the current schedule. The meetings are weekly and will last about an hour.

How do I Prepare?

Each student will take five to ten minutes to describe:

  • What they did during the last week
  • Any questions or challenges that arose
  • What they plan to do the next week

Complete an online lab-report form each week. Blank forms can be found on the git server. The file is the one to edit. Click on the Edit button to make your changes in the browser. You can format the document using Markdown.

Once you’ve made your changes, click on the Submit button to save.

These reports aren’t meant to be burdensome. A general outline of where you’re going is fine. Create slides (optional) with Google drive and share the link with Dr. Durrant beforehand.

If you can’t make the scheduled meeting, please still prepare the weekly lab report.