Undergraduate Applicants

Undergraduates in the Lab

Thanks for your interest in the Durrant Lab. If you want to work in the lab, send me (Dr. Durrant, durrantj@nullpitt.edu) the answers to these question:

  1. How many hours can you commit to per week? It takes at least ten to fifteen hours a week to get anything much done. Let me know if your class schedule is too busy this semester. Perhaps another semester will work better.
  2. Can you sign up for the appropriate number of research credits? Each credit corresponds to four hours of lab work per week (e.g., 3 credit hours = 12 hours of lab work each week).
  3. Are you a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior? Computational structural biology requires training. If you’ll be graduating soon, there likely won’t be enough time for a serious project. But do chat with me if you already have experience in structural biology or computer programming, especially JavaScript and/or Python.
  4. Can you send me a copy of your transcript, résumé/C.V., and class schedule for this semester?

If the Durrant Lab seems like the right place for you, let’s schedule a meeting. If everything is in order, it would be wonderful to have you in the lab for a “trial-period semester.” We’ll chat about your progress after that and decide if the lab is still a good fit.

Thanks again for your interest! I look forward to hearing back from you soon.