Personal Information

I’m a PhD research scientist who uses computers to try to cure diseases like cancer, African sleeping sickness, malaria, and pandemic influenza. <!– Though I’m secretly conflicted by the fact that the recent bird-flu scare was great for my career, I absolutely love my job. My dad jokes with his friends that I’m "trying to save the world." It doesn’t feel that way most days, but the work is really interesting.

My wonderful Brazilian kids who recently graduated from high-school.

I’m also passionate about humanitarian work. Over the years I’ve maintained ties to Brazil, where I once lived for two years. I helped start a non-profit organization that funded an education initiative there; recently, a number of the low-income students we sponsored have been accepted into the local University. More recent projects have included work for a free medical clinic and an autism-advocacy organization.

I love music and even published a book of piano arrangements a few years ago. I recently started practicing regularly again, working on a Rachmaninoff piece that is really fun to play. <!– I’m also a direct descendent of Alfonso II 'The Fat' King of Portugal.

Work colleagues may be interested in my professional site. Additionally, volunteer collaborators might wish to visit the Autism-Advocacy and Free-Clinic websites I help administer.