Open-Source: Small Programing Projects

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“Small” Programming Opportunities


If you have a few hours to contribute to “bite-sized” coding projects, consider the list of opportunities below. If you have more time, this list might interest you too.


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Language: TypeScript

Topic: Chemoinformatics

Topic: Computing

I’d like to make a file-access widget for NW.js, written in typescript. It consists of a button and a text field. When you click the button, it opens up a file dialog for selecting a file. It then places the filename in the text field and has options for copying, moving, and deleting the selected file.

2016-09-29 17:26:21
Language: TypeScript Topic: Computing

In order to ensure that our software can run on any operating system, we need a node.js function equivalent to the unix “find” command. Really, only the -name parameter of the find command needs to be implemented.

2016-09-12 09:45:39
Language: TypeScript Topic: Computing

Our lab creates free drug-discovery apps that run both in the cloud (through a browser) and on the desktop (using nw.js). These apps are based mostly on Typescript. The web-based versions communicate with our remote servers through ajax calls, mostly to node.js cgi scripts. We need to be able to do the same on the desktop versions of our apps.

This project involves creating a Typescript functi

2016-09-07 16:30:02
Language: TypeScript Topic: Computing

Our lab creates applications that run on both the web (through the browser) and the desktop (through nw.js). These applications are based mostly on Javascript (Typescript, really). The way web and desktop apps manage menus are very different, though. Desktop menus tend to look like this:


Web menus look like this:

We need a single Typescript function that accepts a json object that

2016-09-07 15:41:30
Language: TypeScript Topic: Computing

When we discover a new molecule that might one day be developed into a drug, it’s helpful to know if other scientists have discovered that that same molecule is useful elsewhere. This project involves creating a TypeScript function that:

As input, accepts a molecule represented as a smiles string.
Makes an AJAX call to the PubChem servers to download information about that molecule. This link an

2016-09-01 23:15:31
Language: TypeScript Topic: Chemoinformatics