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      Mike Fenwick

      Hi Durrant Lab,

      When running DeepFrag using http-server on Linux Ubuntu 16.04.7, it says that the page might become nonresponsive. I observed this and then the computer hangs completely. Is there any workaround?

      Thanks very much for DeepFrag and any feedback on this matter,

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      Jacob Durrant

      Hi Mike. When you say the computer hangs completely, do you mean your browser hangs, or the entire computer (requiring a reboot)? If it’s your entire computer, it might be a problem with your video card. Are you using a fairly outdated computer, by chance?

      If it’s the browser, I wonder if you have the same problem when you use our server: ? If not, then it’s likely a problem with your server settings. You could use Google Chrome’s Developer Tools to look for errors that might help with debugging.

      Hope this helps.

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