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      Cassidy Terrell


      I am trying to dock a small segment of ds DNA and ss DNA (not at the same time) and I keep getting the error "no such file or directory". I’ve tested the protein file with other small molecules, and it runs to completion – so I know the protein PDB file is fine. Each time I try a different ds DNA or ss DNA segment I get the same error. Any thoughts on how to work around the error?


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      Jacob Durrant

      Hi Cassidy,

      Thanks for reaching out about the DNA docking issue you're experiencing. It's challenging to troubleshoot the error without having access to the specific files. For what it's worth, I recently tested a protein-DNA complex from the PDB using Webina, and it successfully docked without encountering any "no such file or directory" error. It's possible that there may be an issue with the formatting of your files. But, without further information, providing a more precise solution is difficult.

      Sorry for not being able to offer more concrete help!


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