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      Carlos David

      Hi Dr. Durrant,

      Thanks a lot for this so great docking tool ,

      My question: Is any way to download the complex? In the output options only I can download the ligand but I couldn’t download the complex to perform more analysis in my computer with another software,

      Thanks in advance for your kind attention,

      Best wishes!

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      Webina mimics Autodock Vina’s behavior by producing the only output file which contains the original receptor and ligand docked. You can access the file on the output tab after a successful run. I just checked that we don’t have a bug there. It’s not the ligand file that you can download. It should be the complex.
      I hope this helps.
      Best regards,
      P.S. I want to highlight, that "mimic" might not be the right term. Webina is actually AutoDock Vina compiled for Web assembly. Webina simply outputs whatever Vina produces. It doesn’t alter the resulting file in any way.

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