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      Hi Dr. Durrant,

      I have an issue with adding new material to the protein after importing into the Blender 2.9. when I select the protein and try to add new color, it just assing new color to the portion of the protein.
      do you have any solution to this issue?
      also, I know you are busy but we will appreciate if you make new tutorial video for how to use Blendmol and Pyrite in Blender 2.9. all your tutorial videos are for old version of Blender and we know many things have been changed in Blender 2.9 compared to the Blender 2.7. but your program is much better Bioblender or Atomic blender.

      I hope you make new video for Blender 2.9. I really need this program for my PhD defense presentation.

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      It was me who has actually updated blenmol for 2.8 Haven’t tested it for 2.9 yet. Will look at the issue soon. Does it happen for any proteins or could you please provide some specific pdb(s)?
      Best regards,

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      problem solved. I didn’t pay attention to the material index table. for each surface there were different colors. now I can change the color.

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      I tested for these proteins: 3UP0 and 1bzv
      new material only works when you select ribon. but for surface and molecule it only assigns color to some portion of surface or molecule.

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      I tested many proteins and I’m getting same issue. (3UP0, 1BZV, 2DSQ).
      It only assings new color to the portion of surface or molecules. but for ribon it is working well.

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      Jacob Durrant

      Hi Nasser. It is possible in Blender to take an existing mesh and to color different parts of it with different materials. This link might help:

      But in my experience, it’s easiest to have one material per mesh. One option would be to set up a VMD state file with just one portion of the protein and to set one material on that imported mesh (e.g., chain A, colored red). Then you could create a second VMD state file with just the other portion of the protein and separately import that with BlendMol (e.g., chain B, colored in green).

      Alternatively, you could also just create two separate PDB files, one with each portion of the protein, and then import it directly from within Blender using the BlendMol interface.

      Hope this helps! Best of luck with your dissertation.

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