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      Sam Lapere


      first thanks for developing this tool, it’s great to be able to import VMD simulations into Blender.

      I have a 700 frame animation of a molecule simulated with Gromacs (*.xtc trajectory files). I converted the trajectory to pdb with VMD and am loading it with Pyrite. However the loading takes ages. I exported a pdb of a subset of only 5 frames to see if it actually can be loaded (obj mesh is ~100 MB, pdb file is about 20 MB), but even that seems to keep loading without stopping.

      Do you have any suggestions on what might be the issue?


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      Jacob Durrant

      Hi Sam. Much thanks for your interest in Pyrite. It does seem odd that it would take so long to load a five-frame trajectory. Have you removed the water molecules, I wonder? That could slow things down. If not, I’d be happy to test your trajectory on my setup to debug. I’ll send you a private message with my email address. Take care.

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